Case Studies

These are just a few of our customers that have benefited from our tools, experience, and data that are all critical to a successful healthcare marketing program. Click the challenges below to see how our proprietary intent based sales platform worked for them.


  • THE CHALLENGE: A National Healthcare Payer had a goal of $1 Billion dollars in new enterprise sales for 2015

    THE SOLUTIONBillion300320

    LSC Health implemented VistaScan to leverage its unique account based marketing (ABM) functionality. By leveraging EXCLUSIVE intent data that identifies accounts early in their customer journeys, they would be able to take advantage of this powerful SaaS, AUTOMATION platform for all channels.


    In less than one year, the sales goal has been surpassed. The program continues to thrive and has added buying signals for ancillary products like pharmacy benefits management (PBM), Dental, Vision and Total Population Health Management.



  • THE CHALLENGE: Established Healthcare Payer wanted to exploit low-cost, high-frequency, reach and impact digital marketing communications to drive their group business initiatives

    THE SOLUTIONOpenEnrollment 300x420

    LSC Health’s proprietary intent based sales platform – VistaScan – identified “in-market” prospects and launched a combination of search, email and banner ads to drive prospect traffic to specific landing pages, client agents, and appropriate CGAs.


    It remains the most successful acquisition program that has ever been run. Sales increased by 2000% while the cost per acquisition decreased by 90% versus the previous period.






  • THE CHALLENGE: Healthcare Payer struggled with incredibly high cost per acquisition of new customers

    ReducedCPA300300BTHE SOLUTION

    LSC Health implemented new targeting strategies that aligned engagement more closely to the buying personas of the prospect universe. By focusing banner ads and social on Millennials, and direct mail and TV on Baby Boomers, we were able to create awareness with the different audiences in their preferred channels and then use email and search to drive engagement.


    With the cost per click through online advertising greatly reduced and conversions increased the cost per acquisition of a new customer was drastically lowered to $163.




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