Re-engagement Campaign: Lead Nurturing Campaigns You Should Be Doing Part 3 of 10

No matter how great your sales process is at some point some of your leads will not make it all the way through to a sale. If you look at your sales database it is probably full of leads that became inactive at some point in the sales cycle. It could be because a budget didn’t get approved, the contact within the company left the organization, a phone call was missed or a million other reasons other than not having a need for the product or service you are selling.

Re-engagement CampaignsA re-engagement campaign’s goal is to get these inactive leads to take some type of action that helps identify them as possible opportunities again and ready to re-enter the sales process. This action could be as simple as opening an email or clicking on a link.

On simple strategy that can be easily implemented to re-engage prospects that have gone dormant is to execute a reconfirmation campaign. This is a campaign reminding the prospect that they are on your email list, but that you will stop sending them emails if they do not click the button or link in the email to confirm their desire to stay on your list. The reconfirmation campaign should include emails who have not opened or clicked your emails within the past 12–24 months. Create a drop-off point. If you have been emailing them regularly, there is no reason you should be sending to addresses that have not engaged with you in more than two years.

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