Trending Healthcare Industry News Week of February 3, 2016

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How Healthcare Systems Can Become Digital-Health Leaders

Health systems around the world clearly recognize the potential of digital health: over the past decade, they have invested heavily in national e-health programs. Yet most have delivered only modest returns when measured by higher care quality, greater efficiency, or better patient outcomes. And in some cases, e-health projects have been cancelled due to significant cost overruns and delays, such as the National Program for IT in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).1 That’s because such ambitious information-technology initiatives—with a clear focus on IT support for clinical professionals—are typically beyond the core mission of healthcare systems, which also often struggle with legacy systems that impede data integration. Read Full Article

Sales FunnelHow Advertising Changes Consumer Behaviors in Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to decisions that are as complex and personal as health care attitudes and behaviors, it can be challenging to identify the precise role played by advertising. Not only are consumers frequently unwilling to admit that advertising convinces them to change, they often don’t even recognize the role played by sponsored messages in how their attitudes and behaviors have been shaped. Read Full Article

Market Conditions 2016 – Healthcare Management Liability

The healthcare industry in the United States continued to see tremendous changes in the way it delivers care and the compensation received for the care provided in 2015. The turbulence created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues and many providers are struggling to maintain profitability in the current reimbursement and regulatory environment. The challenges of the present environment have contributed to a continuation of the mergers and acquisitions trend that began several years ago. The claims frequency and severity within the industry can be directly tied back to the changes spawned by the ACA and those claims trends continue to be major concerns for all of the insurance carriers within the healthcare sector. The severity of employment practices claims brought by employed physicians continues to be a cause of concern, particularly in the more difficult employment jurisdictions such as California. Antitrust claims and anti-competition claims brought by competitors and regulators continue to be high severity matters within the sector, although several carriers have indicated that the frequency of these claims seems to have lessened. False Claims Acts were also cited as a concern by many carriers within the industry class.Read Full Article

Healthcare Internet of Things, EHR Markets to See Rapid Growth

The healthcare IT systems market looks like it will see growth during the next five years, as population health management, the healthcare Internet of Things, and the EHR markets all expect at least a modest compound annual growth rate in the coming years. Read Full Article

Top of Mind Campaign: Lead Nurturing Campaigns You Should Be Doing Part 2 of 10

The goal of the “Top of Mind” campaign is to keep your name in front of prospective clients over a long period of time at regular intervals. You achieve this by utilizing highly relevant content that addresses the needs of your potential customers that relates back to how your company can fulfill those needs. This allows your sales people to have multiple touch points with prospects and helps protects from your company being forgotten by potential customers and them working with your competitors. Read Full Article

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