Top of Mind Campaign: Lead Nurturing Campaigns You Should Be Doing Part 2 of 10

The goal of the “Top of Mind” campaign is to keep your name in front of prospective clients over a long period of time at regular intervals. You achieve this by utilizing highly relevant content that addresses the needs of your potential customers that relates back to how your company can fulfill those needs. This allows your sales people to have multiple touch points with prospects and helps protects from your company being forgotten by potential customers and them working with your competitors.

Sales FunnelTwo Elements that are Crucial for a Successful “Top of Mind” Campaign

Content: This lead nurturing tactic is only effective if you utilize the right content. Start engaging them with interesting blog posts, helpful third-party content, and other content around related topics, and watch for key activities that indicate they are interested in learning more about your actual offering.

Tracking: Everyone that enters your lead nurturing campaign is not at the same stage of the buying process. One lead could be at the end of their research and ready to speak with a sales person while another may be at the very beginning of the process and not be ready to engage with sales for months. It is very important to track activity signals that can then trigger prospects into different marketing segments that are more relevant to where they are in the buying process. This will ensure that they are receiving the right message at the right time to nurture the relationship.

A very basic example would be if someone clicks on a link in your email promotion for a consultation. You want to make sure a sales person contacts them right away, not send them another email about trends in their industry.

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