Trending Healthcare Industry News Week of January 25, 2016

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How to Leverage Digital Marketing & Measure ROMI in Healthcare

Digital marketing is rapidly gaining popularity across all industries – including healthcare – now that the majority of consumers use the Internet to find information and connect with brands. According to a Pew Research report, 72 percent of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year, and 53 percent of those searchers then talked to a clinician about what they found online. Read Full Article

AboutLSCHealth308Predictive Analytics Tops Hiring Demand In Red-Hot Healthcare Market

“The demand for IT professionals in the healthcare industry is still quite high,” says Donna Carroll, principal at Systems Personnel, which has specialized in finding healthcare IT professionals for 16 years. “In order to maintain compliance with meaningful use requirements, healthcare provider organizations find themselves in a fairly constant implementation mode of new systems, standards, data interfaces, polices, etc.” Read Full Article

Aldera Identifies Ten Healthcare-Payer Market Accelerators for 2016

Key to the healthcare and dental payer markets will be their ability to support new reimbursement models and more sophisticated online services that engage and support the way members shop for and manage their care. By enabling real-time data sharing, market leaders in both dental and healthcare can identify care gaps, drive intervention programs and support real-time care decisions. Read Full Article

Global Big Data in Healthcare Market

The healthcare industry is in a period of rapid change. Advancements in the fields of genetics, biomedical, and information technology are paving a way towards effective personalized treatments in accordance to the individual characteristics of the patients. Exploiting these opportunities requires effective usage of Big Data. Over time, healthcare data has been created and accumulated continuously through patient records, radiology images, clinical trials and genomic sequences. With new technological advancements like mhealth and internet of things (IOT), patients are now able to track their personal health data and share it with their respective physicians for any further remedies. The more data is collected and analyzed, the better medical insights are gained. Read Full Article

10 Lead Nurturing Campaigns You Should Be Doing. Part 1 of 10 Welcome Email Campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns work because they give you the ability to automate focused campaigns with a specific message to your sales database whether prospects or existing customers. Gone are the days of “spray and pray” marketing campaigns full of spammy generic sales emails. Utilizing tools like LSC Health’s E-Lumigent intent based sales software you can send targeted communications based off of prospects’ activities and interests.By using data to deliver the right message at the right time you can: Read Full Article

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