10 Lead Nurturing Campaigns You Should Be Doing. Part 1 of 10 Welcome Email Campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns work because they give you the ability to automate focused campaigns with a specific message to your sales database whether prospects or existing customers. Gone are the days of “spray and pray” marketing campaigns full of spammy generic sales emails. Utilizing tools like LSC Health’s E-Lumigent intent based sales software you can send targeted communications based off of prospects’ activities and interests.

contactus308By using data to deliver the right message at the right time you can:

Reengage Cold Leads: As your list grows you need to reach out to the leads that the sales people are no longer talking to because no one returned their calls. If you don’t, a large part of your database will become inactive leads. A lot of money and time was spent generating those leads, now they just sit untouched. You can easily send out educational emails to restart the conversation.

Personalize Your Messaging: Through the use of data you can send content based on your prospect’s actions and interests which will drastically impact engagement.

Maximize Your Time and Money: If you are doing everything manually it is very easy for the task of maintaining your lead database to fall off the radar screen. Using software like E-Lumigent is an easy way to outsource many of the extremely important but time-consuming manual tasks to free up time for closing new deals.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails of any lead nurturing campaign are usually the emails that have the highest open rate and click thru rates of all your emails in a lead nurturing campaign. This is when the prospect’s interest level is at its peak. They just gave you their email to get more information about what you have to offer. Now is your opportunity to lay the stage for a lasting relationship.

In the welcome email it is important to remind them on why they are receiving an email from you, confirm their opt-in, and make very clear the type of information they will be receiving and why it is important to them. It is extremely important that the content of the email be tailored to the specific offer that drove them to give you their email. Make sure to be targeted to keep their interest.

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