Taking New Client Prospecting and Acquisition Digital in the Healthcare Industry

With the constantly changing and increasingly competitive landscape of the healthcare industry marketers for payers and providers should take the lead established by eCommerce companies to better engage buyers digitally.

Determine the role of omnichannel engagement technology in your marketing mix.

B2B healthcare marketers must start with a companywide assessment of the key business objectives automated media buying and targeting are expected to achieve. Goals like increased awareness, greater traffic volume, more qualified leads, and improved ability to identify upsell opportunities require different approaches. Compare capabilities of various solutions to ensure they address your expected outcomes.

main-banner011816_550_270Adopt technology based on your marketing automation strategy, not the other way around.

Technology adoption without an automation strategy backed by specific business goals will fail. A solid automation strategy should include documented buyer personas that define the key issues and concerns of different buyers. It should link these concerns to the capabilities your solutions provide and use this insight to inform content and messaging decisions.

Finally, buyer personas should also include a hypothesis about the channels buyers prefer and the steps they take in their progression from problem discovery to solution exploration to purchase decision.

Develop an audience management strategy.

Top B2B healthcare marketers know their audiences well. A sound customer data strategy will allow you to understand true customer value and the influence of different players on buying decisions during the purchase process. Combine and analyze different sources of data, both internal (e.g.,marketing, CRM, service, warranty, and contracts) and external (e.g., partner, social listening, demographic, and third-party), to understand what differentiates your better customers from the rest. Use this insight to programmatically model early-stage leads, improve advertising effectiveness, and align audiences against marketing objectives.

Pick a pilot project to initiate your programmatic ad buying experience.

Lack of widespread adoption leads to few reliable proof points, especially for those who need industry evidence or strong case studies to warrant further investment. Find or create a pilot campaign leveraging new marketing technologies, and compare results with those of a standard campaign that lacks these components. Evaluate the extent to which these capabilities help better identify and engage anonymous opportunities before formal acquisition and nurturing processes take over.

Leverage behavioral targeting throughout the entire buying process.

B2B healthcare customers — like consumers — are increasingly cross-channel and device agnostic as they progress through purchase decision-making on their own accord. To better engage, healthcare marketers must segment and target prospects across the various channels they use during the discovery phase, not just in isolation.

Healthcare marketers should leverage lookalike targeting to identify digital prospects, drive them to their sites, and deliver personalized content wherever buyers happen to be, regardless of channel or device used.

Reassess measures with an eye on business impact.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of marketing technology to skeptical stakeholders requires metrics that articulate the value of cross-channel engagement in business terms. Now is the time to reassess your measurement approach. Ensure that you can capture the value that comes with your new ability to recognize and follow buyers more closely. A simple first step can be a pathway analysis of search and display data pulled from your ad server. Use this to understand what display ad views came before a prospect used a paid search term.

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