Trending Healthcare Industry News Week of January 18, 2016

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It’s 2016 – Why Don’t YOU Segment?

Many companies that I work with in the healthcare industry don’t segment their messaging to both their existing and potential customers. This is usually the case for two reasons:

1. They either don’t have or don’t think they have the time and resources to identify the different segments in their database and then create and manage different messaging to the segments they identified.

2. They can’t see a big enough return on investment (ROI) segmentation will give them. Read Full Article

mobile-marketing7 Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare may not be the first sector you think about when it comes to content marketing. Nevertheless, health is a business like any other. Out of all the statistics today, the most pertinent one is only 12% of companies are ignoring content in their marketing campaigns. Read Full Article

Mobile Technology’s Impact On Healthcare Marketing

As the population becomes increasingly tech-savvy, more people are taking their health into their own hands, literally, as handheld mobile devices become major tools in seeking healthcare information and even diagnosis. Mobile technology gives physicians the ability to manage patient healthcare more efficiently, and the opportunity to take advantage of peer networks to share resources, counsel, and best practices. Read Full Article


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