Trending Healthcare Industry News January 13, 2016

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“Commercial”, “Transactional”, and “Informational” Keywords and Why They Matter to You

Keyword ResearchKnowing that people are doing searches for keywords that are relevant to your business is important but being able to identify the intent of the potential customer doing the searches is what helps one company increase their revenue over their competition. Classifying different types of keywords into three different groups is an effective first step in helping identify what stage a prospect is in the buying process. Read Full Article

health-predictions-for-20165 Ways Health Care Will be Transformed in 2016

2015 proved to be an exciting, albeit tumultuous year for the health sector. Doctors adopted new digital technologies with mixed success, , millions more people gained some form of health insurance, and scientists developed more precise ways to treat disease using breakthrough gene-editing techniques.

Fast Company reached out to more than two dozen health experts for their suggestions of how health care will be transformed in 2016, particularly for patients and doctors. Here are their top five predictions: Read Full Article 

Sanders Says For-Profit Health Care Has to Go

Berrnie Sanders has said from the start of his campaign for president that it’s an outrage that U.S. expenditures on health care are three time more per capita than those of Great Britain and 50 percent greater than those of France as a share of the overall economy. Yet this country has poorer results than most other European countries on key health care outcomes. Read Full Article


Doctors Unionize to Resist the Medical Machine
My Next Healthcare Startup: The World’s Biggest Problems Are The World’s Biggest Investment Opportunities
Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds

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