It’s 2016 – Why Don’t YOU Segment?

Many companies that I work with in the healthcare industry don’t segment their messaging to both their existing and potential customers. This is usually the case for two reasons:

screen-shading-report-11. They either don’t have or don’t think they have the time and resources to identify the different segments in their database and then create and manage different messaging to the segments they identified.

2. They can’t see a big enough return on investment (ROI) segmentation will give them.

In reality the companies that don’t feel they have the time or resources to segment their sales lead database really don’t feel they will see the results they need from segmentation. If a company truly felt that segmenting and crafting specific messages to different audiences in their database would get them more sales and increased revenue they would make the time and get the resources they needed to start segmenting. A Vice President of Marketing saying “we don’t have the bandwidth” is the same as saying “ “I don’t think it is worth the investment.”

The investment will always be to high if you can’t quantify the investment.

What’s the promise of segmentation and how can we identify the ROI?

At its core marketing is identifying opportunities for your brand and then engaging those opportunities with the right messaging so a potential customer takes action. That action can be defined as anything from an initial sales phone call, setting an appointment for a presentation, or a sale. The more data you leverage in your messaging and adjust that messaging dependent on where that prospect is in the buying process, the more likely you are to increase engagement with your marketing efforts and ultimately get more sales and revenue.

Intent based sales platforms like E-Lumigent allow their users to quickly and easily identify buyer intent around their potential customer’s activity that empowers one to not only craft the right message to a potential customer but also engage with them at the right time.

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s ( National Client Email Survey 2014, a 760 percent increase in email revenue came from segmented emails in 2013, up from 55 percent in 2012. So whatever that means, marketers are making more money as the messaging world moves away from spray and pray to getting the right message, at the right time, to the right prospect.

See how a software like E-Lumigent can help you identify, measure, and act upon the intent of your account based marketing. Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll show you how quickly, easily and cost-effectively E-Lumigent ’s customer analytics and marketing automation can identify in-play commercial business RFPs before your competitors. Get a FREE Demo


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