“Commercial”, “Transactional”, and “Informational” Keywords and Why They Matter to You

Knowing that people are doing searches for keywords that are relevant to your business is important but being able to identify the intent of the potential customer doing the searches is what helps one company increase their revenue over their competition. Classifying different types of keywords into three different groups is an effective first step in helping identify what stage a prospect is in the buying process.

carousel31000x370Commercial Keywords: These are the types of keywords most companies are really interested in. This is a broad category of various keywords which has a great deal of probability of bringing to the site real potential customers. Although with “Transactional” keywords the prospect is further along in the buying process the volume of those searches are usually relatively low and extremely competitive. On the other hand “Commercial” keywords strike that balance of relevance and volume.

Whether to refer a given keyword to the “Commercial” category depends on the site itself. For one, if a website’s primary goal is to generate email leads through a free white paper for further marketing to for healthcare plans, the keyword “healthcare guide” would be valuable. But for a site looking to generate phone calls for commercial group plans it wouldn’t. Here is a simple tip that will help you determine if the keyword is a “Commercial” keyword or not. Type the keyword in Google and see what type of sites show up in the search results and whether you would like your site to be among them. You should also see if there are paid ads for the keyword. If so, it means other companies are benefiting from this keyword, therefore you should think about using it as well.

Examples of “Commercial” keywords that may be the right ones for healthcare companies looking to increase commercial sales:

  • Group health insurance
  • Medical insurance for small business
  • Business medical insurance
  • Company medical insurance
  • Group healthcare plans

Transactional Keywords: In comparison to “Commercial” keywords, “Transactional” keywords show more targeted people who have the intention to buy a product or service. This buyer has already done their research and has made the decision to buy. Now they are just trying to figure out who they are going to buy from. “Transactional” keywords feature terms such as “buy.” In general these terms usually are more specific, “top 10 group health insurance California.”

Examples of possible “Transactional” keywords for healthcare companies:

  • Group medical insurance quotes online
  • Company medical insurance pricing
  • Affordable group health insurance (Don’t let terms like “cheap” or “affordable” scare you. These are people trying to figure out what fits in their budget but they are still ready to buy. Has anyone ever done a search for “give me the most expensive price possible” for any product?)

Informational Keywords: These types of keywords have tons of volume for people doing searches but normally do not convert well into action. Why? Because with these words people are searching for information, for example to support their idea of purchasing a certain product they have already decided to buy, read reviews or compare prices. You can distinguish this type of keyword by “question words” as they usually contain: “where,” “how,” and so on. You need to get rid of such keywords as they are not “Commercial” and probably won’t bring you sales.

Examples of “Informational” keywords:

  • Medical insurance websites
  • How to get health insurance
  • Where to get health insurance

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